Doors We Walk Through

This anthology takes the reader on a journey with female authors who bravely share their truths throughout the pages. The writers unveil their personal tales of trauma and joy, hurt and healing, wounds and wonderment. There is nothing off-limits in this exploration of the journey of being a female in today’s world. Women feel it all, and we heal as we share our truths. These stories are part of that sharing and are medicine for the female spirit.

A door photo is paired with each story to represent the author’s metaphysical door. The door symbolism unites all of the pieces included in the book, and the stunning photos add to each telling. “The Doors We Walk Through” was created by women for women. There is something sacred about women coming together to share what matters to them with the hope that it will spark increased self-discovery and self-acceptance in those who read it.

We learn much about our identity from society; we are told how to feel and behave from the day we are born. However, what is between these pages throws caution to the wind and allows women to freely express the good, the bad, and all that is in-between. The journey of self-exploration is exciting, and reading about it is like peeking through someone’s secret door!

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