Wanted: Women who believe in magic, mystery and miracles

Wanted: women who believe in magic, mystery and miracles.

I am calling in beautiful, vibrant women who believe that magic is all around us – powerful, exquisite magic.  How else to explain the acorn that becomes the oak, the monarch that migrates 2500 miles, the unfolding of the perfect petal.

2500 mile journey home

I am calling in glorious, powerful women who believe in mystery.  The mystery that is the soul, the journey, this life.  The sweet dark mystery that is our sexuality, our birth, our deep, unchangeable, irrefutable connection to the earth.

I am calling in brave passionate women who believe in miracles.  In the miracle of the child being born, the miracle of the first kiss, the miracle that is our very existence.  I am calling in women who see the miracle that is the heart that beats, the feet that dance, the voice that sings.

I a woman who believes in magic, mystery and miracles and I am looking for some good friends.

At the age of 12, I did a TV audition.  Their direction was to just say something for the camera.  And so I did.  With my wild dark hair and flaring nostrils, I proclaimed: “I am Marianne, the Witch,” then I cackled.  I got the part.

40 years later – I am proclaiming the same – I am claiming all dark hair, flaring nostrils, potent sexuality, a cackle, and a firm belief that there is profound magic out there.

For women, especially, magic comes so much more easily.

weaving webs

We are the weavers of the web, the caster of the spells.  We know that a gentle kiss on a skinned knee makes the booboo go away.  We are the creators of community, the great alchemists.  For certain we know how to make something out of nothing.

And for too, too long we have kept it quiet.  We have held back, bowed and hidden.  Living life at half mast, always looking around to see who we are pleasing and who we are not.  The smile endlessly pasted on the face.

Justifiably, for our bones well remember what happened when we didn’t:

Burned at the stake for the power we held, the power we bled.
Sent to asylums to shut us up.
Cast into the streets and stoned.
Raped and violated to keep us in line.

Whispered about, mocked, sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly: witches, bitches, crazy, stupid, silly, whore, dike,  – and the list goes on and on and on…

But there is a rising.  We can feel it vibrating, we can hear the singing.  Woman after woman is standing up, stepping out, claiming her voice, shining her light, allowing her power to pulse.

I have felt her, too.  When I let myself go, give in to the call, allow the flow to pour through me.

I have felt the wolf howl, felt the hawk soar.  Felt the heat of the flames rise up and through me, the potent power of the earth and her need to create.  That is when I am at my best – when I give in, let go, dance to the drums, howl at the moon, soar with the wind.

She/we are unstoppable,
all powerful and
we are She.

So I am calling in the women who believe in magic, mystery and miracles.

Because you know you have something important to say.

Because you know you have something important to do.

Because you know it is just time.

 On Saturday, May 10, 2014 I am gathering 12 beautiful, wild, crazy, vibrant, potent wise women who believe in magic, mystery and miracles.  12 women who know they have vital work to do, important things to say.   Women who long to express what it is that drums in their heart, pulses in their blood.

It will be a day to fully embrace who we are – laughter, cackles and tears, rage, sorrow and fears.  A day to tell our story in a new way.  A day to re-forge our marriage to the earth.  A day of connection, community and support – so that each of us can step into the light, claim our voice, make our own magic.

If you are so called – I would love to speak with you.

To your journey.

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  1. I vibrate reading this, remembering words to a forgotten song…
    Burned at the stake
    Drowned in the lake
    Women who are just like me…

    Delighting with you in the power emergent in the flow of our blood, sturdy as our bones.

    Deep gratitude for your calling words!
    Thank you.


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