Slow muscles. Vital. Tiny muscles. Vital.

Talking to you. Vital.

In a new way. Vital.

Finding the way. Vital.

Finding the words. Vital.

This way, a different way. Vital.

From the heart. Vital.

From the Soul. Vital.

Twisting and turning. Leaping and lurching. Vital.

Dark and torturous. Light and sweet. Vital.

Finding my way. Vital.

Tracing my steps.

Unspooling my thread.

All vital.

This other language. Vital.

From the looking glass. Vital.

Over the rainbow. Vital.

Through the mists. Vital.

A song to hear, a vision to see, a heart to hold.


Only in this way. Vital.

The portal opens,

The key unlocks,

The puzzle fits.

Only in this way.

Only in this place.


The pleasure is found.

The stories unfold.

The power surges.

Only in this place. Vital.

Keep writing – in this place.


You know. You know.

Like the blind one finding her way.

Like the taste of the wind.

Like the dog on a scent.

You know. You know.

The magic happens.

The magic happens.

The magic happens.

In this place.


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