Widows Anonymous

Widows Anonymous is a sacred space where five women come together to share their true experience with grief. Not the pretty lace hanky, tidy grieving, that is expected of women.  But rather, the wild ride of contradictory feelings that swing from moment to moment as the characters grasp to adjust to their new reality… Once upon a time they were wives, now they are widows.  

Though the topic is widowhood, it is also about the great journey we undertake when we are cracked open by tragedy, broken apart by circumstances, and then must somehow find our way forward.

It is also an honoring: of how deeply we can love, how deeply we will mourn, and yet somehow, still rise to meet another day.  

With “Widows Anonymous” my great hope is that we will allow ourselves to be cracked open to feel, revel, commune in the glorious, terrifying, exhilarating thing that is the human experience. And when the lights go dark, and we leave the theater, that we will feel a little more connected, a little more grateful … for the life we have been given, and for the ones we have loved. 

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