Missbehaving: Tale of Two Daughters

What if we stopped trying to make the female experience about polished perfection…

what if we actually talked about the things that haunted or thrilled or shamed us…

maybe we could let go of the labels, connect back to our humanity, and have some fun on this wild ride of being a woman.

Miss-behaving: an evening of uncensored storytelling that is raw, real, and rich with soul + humor.

where women get on the stage and tell the Truth about their lives.

like no other storytelling show out there…

For us humans, our feelings do not flow in a straight line, but rather they are a complex weaving of different emotions.  In spits and spats they come.  And though I must tell you this story in a straight line, that is not how I felt it.

Then there were vicious fights with my sister.  Slashing at each other with claws outstretched.  I tried to explain my need, desperate, to be elsewhere, to get some help.  “We only get one life.  This is my life.  I don’t want to sacrifice it to my mother’s care.  I’m nearly 60, how much time do I have left?” 

“Then, those first mornings after she died, when I’d wake up and take a deep breath, “Oh, I don’t have to go there today.” As I snuggled down into the comfort of my own bed, “I can sleep here for more than one night in a row.  I can take my time, have my coffee, sit in the garden.”  Great big sobbing breaths.  Of sorrow yes, but not far behind, relief.”

It hits now, with the force of a storm, strange cries pour from my mouth as I howl with the losing of her. I have lost my mother. I have lost my mother. 

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