Minding Mama

“Sometimes, I ask myself: Do I love her, my mama?  Certainly not like Kipsey.  Kipsey’s wrapped around my mama like wool to a spindle.  All up in her face. She said it to me once, mama was the child she never had.  And I’m thinkin – you can have her.  She is all yours.”

“I wonder, why I feel this way? It’s not like mama beat us or abandoned us.  Not at all. She loved us, brought us up right.  But these days I just want to run for the hills.   I hate that I feel this way.  That I talk this way, like a rattler’s spittin out my mouth.”

“Sometimes when we’re going downstairs, I wonder for just a moment, what would happen, if, you know….”

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Published on June 07, 2019

Stepping Into the River

Widows Anonymous opens tomorrow, June 8.  Today is finalizing all the details: printing the program, getting my costume ready, deciding on my makeup, and choosing which talisman I will take with me.  I’m planning one more rehearsal […]

Widows Anonymous

Published on June 11, 2019

Opening Night – What it Was and What it Wasn’t

People asked how it went, opening night.  I wish I could tell them it was brilliant, exhilarating, everything I’d wanted it to be. Yes and No.   Truth is, it was a bit like stepping out of […]

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Published on September 22, 2015

“Skins I Have Worn” Opens October 22!

  I can see it in the distance now – the destination.  All this journey traveled, this road taken, that scares me witless, yet challenges me to such heights. You, my readers, have followed along […]

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