Theater is Double Booked?!?

So I get this message on Monday afternoon, while I’m on another call.  “Hello, Marianne? This is the Electric Lodge Theater.  It looks like someone else has booked the theater for the same days as you.  You are going to have to change your dates….”

Wantd-Pv5gZTXb9vzHynkc3XU-T7PWS5z9VXA48bi7Ko-2hat?  Are you ### kidding me?  I don’t usually swear, but this caused quite a disturbance.  He was already gone by the time I called back and I stewed over this all night long. I was committed. They had my big fat deposit.  There was momentum.  Too much later and we were in the holiday season.  ####!    Yesterday I woke up bleary, but taking the bull by the horns, I called him back to get the full story.
As it turned out, I actually had priority with a signed contract, so the dates were mine if I wanted.  (Always get a signed contract.)  But the more we spoke about the other date that was available, October 23-25, the more I started to consider that it might not be a bad idea to push it after all.

It would give us a little breather between the Kickstarter and rolling into production, and more importantly it would give us a little more time to connect with the media, other organizations, and our own communities.  Turns out October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – I had no idea when I rented the theater back in April….Story tree

The sign that sealed the deal was I was serendipitously invited to an event for Windows Between Worlds – a non-profit that uses art to help with the healing from abuse.  They are located in Venice.  And they were doing a gala fundraiser October 3 to raise awareness.  There was such an opportunity here for collaboration and synergy, I decided to go ahead and change the date so I would be open to participating with them.

SKINS I HAVE WORN, a limited engagement – now officially runs October 23 – 25, 2015.

Hope to see you all there.  And thank you for your support.

p.s.  We are now 20 days out, and 60% funded!  If you can continue to spread the word  to get us there it would be so appreciated

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