The Portal Opens

4c324380c7e0471560db2c5fb64e2ae0The moon is rising. The energies are gathering. Tomorrow night the portal opens into the dark lands.

It takes courage to venture there. To risk exposing the heart. To dare feel what might be uncovered there.

It takes a brave soul to journey with these women as they are brought to their knees by circumstances, yet find the courage to rise once more; tasting hope, touching freedom.

Told through story, dance and poetry – it is the ride of lifetimes.

Tick tock.  Tick tock.  The key turns… the door opens.

Will you venture with us?IMG_0400

My wonderful supporters, we are just hours away now from opening night and I am tasting the joy of anticipation as this project comes to fruition.  Last night was tech rehearsal: lighting and music, a bit tedious, but the last critical layers to this production.  Tomorrow night they fly.

In one last request: if you are so inspired, help me cast seeds far and wide, reaching as many as we can to join us.

Until the opening…. I hope to see you there.


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