The Book is Finished.

The book to “Skins I Have Worn,” is finished.

You would think I’d have shouted that to the world as soon as I was done. Posted it across the internet. Hired a plane to fly it across the sky. But I haven’t.

In fact, I waited days to order my proof, which then sat on my desk for two more days. Now over a week later I have still not ordered my copies to distribute ….

Instead, I’ve shared nothing. I’m thinking about new projects, maybe another book, and I have all but rolled over and ignored this significant accomplishment.

But this is what I do. This is what many of us do. We barely wait until the ink is dry before racing onto the next project. We do not take the time to really let it sink in. We do not allow ourselves the satisfaction of acknowledging and honoring what it takes to make our dreams come true.

Instead, we rush to think we are bragging or that it was ‘really no big deal.’

So how could I possibly express my full joy unless I stepped back and acknowledged what it  took to bring this journey into being:

  • The courage to write and then speak the words,
  • The kindness, generosity, support of friends and strangers who believed in what was being created
  • The talented cast and production team and the energy, fortitude, trust and love it took to bring it to the stage,
  • The tenacity, time, faith and patience to publish it as a book.

So I say to you as I say to myself: We must honor the process, the commitment, the persistence, the faith it takes – step by little step, to bring our dreams to life.

  • Yes! Be proud.
  • Yes! Honor the work.
  • Yes! Stand fully in the whole of the soul that transforms the ephemeral into tangible.

With wonder and awe I stare at the book in my hand!IMG_0957

 Skins I Have Worn

Written by Marianne Simon

There is a copyright and an ISBN number. I can be found on Lulu and soon Amazon. It is real. It is real.

Now I am ready to shout it from the rooftops. The book is done! I have published a book of poetry! (exclamation points and many emojis)

Copies will soon be mailed out to the sponsors that helped make it possible.

And for those who are curious as to what the hoopla is all about, copies are available at Lulu, click HERE to check it out. :

To honoring your dreams.

With so much gratitude.

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