So What’s It About?

What is this project about?  What would I have YOU experience? My hope is that  you would be moved, touched, somehow shifted from where you are now. Perhaps that you might acknowledge, cry, release, heal.

e_textile_LED_weaving_detailWhen asked what it’s about I think “there is no simple girl meets boy here. Though maybe there is a girl meets girl (herself)?”   So what is this project?  30 second elevator pitch, 20 second commercial?    Ultimately, it is a weaving of stories, it is a threading of lives. It is an exploration of lifetimes superimposed. It takes a peek at how we repeat our patterns over and over again.  Until one day we don’t.

True, it does explore the dark, the hurt, the pain. But it also celebrates  the steps, small, sometimes almost invisible that guide us home towards freedom.

It attempts to capture, somehow, with words and dance and story, that journey that is our lives through this troublesome world.   It seeks to capture in flashes that first time we dared to say no. That first time we recognized the patterns.  That first time we looked back and saw ourselves with softer eyes.

It is not a comedy, though there are moments you might laugh. But it is not a tragedy, because there is hope.

There is music, and movement, and words, and lights that take the audience on a journey. Yes – we enter into the dark lands …. But we also come through. As one candle is lit and then another and a way is found.

As one by one, these women weave their way home to wholeness.

For three nights only, October 22 -24, at the Electric Lodge Theater in Venice.

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