So Near and Yet So Far

LOL – I’ve learned can mean lots of love or, in my case, laughing out loud.

I was inspired by my last discovery – the reason for my procrastination.  So I hunkered down and did the work to get it ready to print.  My promise to myself was that I would hit ‘send’ by my birthday, March 16.  My friend Tabby suggested if I wanted to actually meet that deadline, I might want to consider starting the process a bit earlier.

But I had my plan, some last minute editing questions and then I was finally ready to sit down at the computer to start the process.  Three hours later on March 16, I’d figured how to upload my text but was stalled on the cover.

My graphic artist and I are trying to understand their requirements – a bit confusing on a site where not all the information is available in the same place.  They only take questions via email for clients that are DIY.  Three days later I’m still waiting for an answer.  Yesterday I got some advice from a friend who is both a writer and graphic artist and who has self published several of his own books.  But the site was down for maintenance.

It is feeling more urgent now.  Having made up my mind to complete this process, I am feeling the frustration of not being able to finish.  But that was yesterday …

This morning the site is back up.  I’ve emailed my friend the back up material for the cover.  I am trusting that it is really simple ….

And that my next post to will be “I hit SEND.”

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