“Skins I Have Worn” Opens October 22!


I can see it in the distance now – the destination.  All this journey traveled, this road taken, that scares me witless, yet challenges me to such heights.

You, my readers, have followed along with me on this merry chase as I gathered the courage, took the leap, and began the manifestation of this vision.  So on this day it is with so much joy that I invite you to attend the West Coast Premiere of  “Skins I Have Worn” a journey through the dark lands.

As we’ve begun the rehearsal process I’ve come to realize that this project is so much about how we put ourselves together again when life tears us apart:
Wiping off knees
Drying tears
Putting on a smile that becomes frozen in place

Over time we learn how to wear the mask, pretend we are fine.  But inside we break and splinter, the cracks get larger, the void gets darker.  In the growing panic we gorge ourselves on food or drink, sex or work.  We party like it’s 1999.

So what is the way out?  The journey through?  That is where the dark lands wait.  That is the road:

Slow at times, step by step.

Or in an instant when we come face to face with a long lost part that has been waiting an eternity for us.

I stand on the shores – arms out in appeal.

For the rains to cleanse me
The fires to burn me
The earth to heal me
The winds to set me free.

Listening to the ancient wisdom that guides me forth.  Skins I Have Worn is this journey – towards understanding and forgiveness, freedom and hope.

Opening October 22 and running for only three nights. I hope to see you there.

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