Shades of Red

An ensemble of amazingly brave, beautiful women sharing life’s experiences, lessons, and evolution. Join us on February 11, Live in Los Angeles. It’s where fierce female voices turn life into art by sharing our stories. We talk about everything and anything. We go there. The emotional, real, sensual, challenging and beautiful stuff that feels taboo to talk about- that’s what we take to the stage. 

One of the things I love the most is hearing the conversations that these shows spark afterwards. Because we are so honest with you, it opens the door to potent dialogues. It’s beautiful. It’s different. It’s what the world needs more of. 

If you’re in LA, you’ll want to be in the room with us for this very special evening. We are going to cry, laugh, dance, shake shit off, and go on a journey together. Bring your friends. Come receive the magic that happens in our space. 

LA tickets for the show are here:

Not in LA? We’ve got you. Get your livestream tickets here:

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