Like most of us, I’d been glued to CNN and the internet for hours on end, scrolling through the latest about numbers of infections, numbers of deaths, watching the migration of those numbers from China, to Italy, and then the first case, here.  Then closures began, travel slowed, entire countries were closing their doors, the stock market was in free fall.  All of a sudden, the giant machine that was the global economy, life as we knew it, came to slow, painful, grinding halt…

But at a certain point, I got tired of being afraid. The news was numbing.  There would be no quick fix to this one.  It was going to be a long hard slog.  So, the question became how to survive the unknown?  What would sustain us, keep us safe, but also sane? How could we avoid sinking into a pit of depression and despair?

I am reminded of the ‘Tower’ card in the tarot deck – it signifies the complete falling apart, the breaking down, of old systems, old paradigms.  But, it also implies the possibility of new beginnings. From the ashes the phoenix rises.  

This period of time feels like a giant re-set button.  We will not be able to go back to “normal,” not the way we’ve known it.  Out of necessity, we are learning new ways of working, new ways of connecting, new ways of behaving.  

Circles and circles are forming, reaching out and checking in.  Volunteers are stepping up to help those most vulnerable, those who have the funds are helping support those who do not, and creativity is thriving as we seek to find new purpose and service in a world that seems to have gone insane. 

The purpose of these posts is to capture some of the ‘snapshots’ of this time, unlike any other before.

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