Wanted: Women Who Believe in Magic, Mystery and Miracles

When I was a little girl, my sister and I would go down to the garden to play “witches.” We’d get dressed up, borrow one of my mother’s pots and head out to make our brew. We’d add leaves, berries, the occasional snail, and some water. Thankfully, we didn’t drink the brew, but we’d call out our spells, wave our wands, laughing and cackling for hours. As little ones, magic came easily, always at our fingertips. I want that back. I want that communion back.

There are moments when I open myself to it; I can feel it rippling through me, the magic. Not the “transport me to another room,” but the profound realization that we are miracles. The earth, her inhabitants, that there is water to drink, oxygen to breathe, all miraculous. The spark that is the difference between life and death, beyond comprehension.

This podcast, “Wanted: Women Who Believe in Magic,” is a calling, an invocation. For us to drop down below the seeming surface of the every day, open our eyes, and believe.

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