Room to Breathe: Permission to be Human

Welcome to “Room to Breathe.” These mini podcasts are a reflection of what I’ve discovered over the years, that we are perfectly imperfect beings. In a culture that wants to put us into tiny little boxes with narrow little lives, it’s vital we give ourselves permission to feel all of what it is to be human. This means we need to allow ourselves to feel it all. At times, it seems contradictory: The pain, the joy, the confusion, the numbness, the grief, the love. And in accepting the range of our humanness, we find our freedom. (Thanks to Holizna for music CC0)

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Latest Episode

  • Love in the Kitchen

    For those of you who’ve had teenagers, or really, any relationship in which no matter how much you love someone, it seems as if there no way to reach them across the divide. In times […]

  • A Woman of the Earth

    What freedom can be found in remembering that we are OF the earth, not separate from Her? One day, during the Covid lockdown, I looked in the mirror and noticed how far I had come […]

  • Gardens of Plastic and Stone

    Living in Los Angeles, the distress from the ever-worsening drought is palpable. And as a landscape designer, I hear over and over that folks are struggling for affordable answers as they watch their lawns turn […]


I’ve been listening to the first few podcasts, they are wonderful, deep and encouraging! I admire how you express yourself so clearly. Thank you for YOU!!! Sending you much love and encouragement.


Marianne Simon this is awesome and I subscribed. 

Upon listening to the first episode I am reminded how much your voice and words have been a comfort, an inspiration and a delight these past 5 years. You are entertaining, wise and whimsical and very talented/skilled.  

Happy you have created this opportunity for us to listen and through that find room to breathe. Great title. Love the mini podcast vibes!  Way to go!!

Nicola N.

Your podcast is awesome Marianne Simon! Your voice is so beautiful and soothing and your message powerful.  Congratulations!

Susan P.

How lovely was your podcast! I am so happy you are doing this:) It is bold and brave! I. LOVE. IT.   And I celebrate YOU!!!!!  I am so happy for you doing so well in the world and in sharing your VOICE! That means the world, you know?   Yeah your content is so precious! I think like this too so it super resonates. I followed and will keep following! 

Ariel R.

Hi! I love these stories you’ve created in these mini-podcasts. I listened to the first few already and will keep alerts set in my spotify list. They are so relaxing, rich, and inspiring. Just wonderful…. know I will be listening to episodes. Sending love. 

Kaira A.

I just listened to several of your podcast episodes. They felt, for lack of a better word, magical. Love the way you illustrate your world. Thanks for sharing.