October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  I didn’t know that when I picked this month to open the show. I had no idea about about this strange synchronicity.

All I knew was that I had this aching need to put my words out into the world. I was haunted by a vision of this performance piece that just kept breathing inside of me. October felt like a very auspicious month.

IMG_0331Somehow over these past weeks and days this vision has become clearer. The actresses fleshing out the voices. We’ve discovered threads that wove the stories ever tighter. I continued to explore the ways to superimpose different meanings and times in just a few moments.

It has been such a rich experience.

Now we are coming down to it, the final countdown. We are talking costumes and choosing music, we are gathering bios for the program to come.

In just over two weeks SKINS I HAVE WORN opens for its World Premiere (how very cool that is to write!).

I am so honored that you have stayed with me for this journey and I hope you will join me as we lift the curtain on opening night.IMG_0333

And in a small way, to counter the ugly wave that is domestic violence, we are donating a portion of the ticket sales to two wonderful non-profits that support women healing: A Window Between Worlds and Sojourn.

Until October 22. I hope to see you there.

clock at midnight

Tick tock: Early bird tickets are available only until the clock strikes at midnight October 8.

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