Magical Thinking 2 – People Show Up

So much has happened since I posted last.  Having committed to the date, so many things are falling into place.  I just need to speak them and they are coming into being.  And I come back again and again to the same thing:  If I believe so will others.  If I ask, people show up, magical things happen.

The latest:  A brand new friend that I kept ‘bumping into’ at events Tamara Bess, loved what I was developing and she wanted to support bringing it to life.  Her background as a Family and Marriage Therapist as well as her personal experience with domestic violence brought a whole new depth to the work.  Not to mention, how very grateful I was to have someone to figure things out with.

Next I was talking to another friend of mine, Michele Cardella, about fundraising.  A while back she had left her job to move into the field of fundraising and non-profits, and I thought she might be able to offer me a few tidbits.  Not only did she do that, but she offered to join the team of ever growing soul sisters.

From this place, in this flow, it feels like all things are possible.  I just need to ask.  It may not show up the way I thought, but often even better.  The latest thing on my list is somewhere in the conversations we decided it would be good to create a promotional video to begin spreading the word more actively.  Boom – June 13, I put it out there.  I have a willing dancer, a space, an actress who will do the voice over.  Just need someone to help with the camera and some editing.  Into the Universe I cast that request.  Let’s see what might flow in.

To magical thinking – makes me feel like I’m six years old!



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