Keep it Simple. Keep it True.

For months I have been struggling to find what I thought were the ‘right answers’ to questions about my path, my work, my purpose, etc.   I had given myself the summer to get it all sorted out. But what I realized (again) is that the Universe works on its own schedule, and what we thought we needed may not be what we need at all.

 One day, out of the blue, this question came to me: “What is one precious thing?”

What? What? My default was to go to my head, where the things I could anguish about were endless. Where I’d been spinning for ages. So I waited. And then I heard, ‘Keep it simple. Keep it true.’

 Keep it simple. Keep it true.

 And this is what came thru.

 Say Yes to sharing my writings on stage.  

There it was: simple and true. That thing that I had dragged my heels about, resisted at all costs, found a hundred ways to sidestep and by-step. That great need, that next step, in claiming my own journey.

 I was rippling with the rightness of that answer.

 For over 20 years I have been writing side by side with my soul sister, Deborah Brown. Writing about everything in our lives – love, lust, loss and a myriad of other things.

 These writings are how I discovered my connection to the earth and changed careers. They are how I dealt with my father’s death. They are how I captured the magic of my daughter’s birth, and the fury at my mother’s Alzheimer’s.

Stories, poems, fiction, words that that rose up from who knows where, flowing thru my hand onto the page. They are my voice, but they are also the voices of women I channel. They are me and yet they are not me.

So recently, I sat down to write with her and it hit me. Why not do a staged reading with her? Why not take this deep longing to share my writings in a public forum. Complete the circle of expression, and just do it – sweet and simple, with someone I loved sharing the experience.

 She said, “Yes. Let’s do it.”

 She said, “Yes!” Holy shit! Yes!

 How to describe that moment when we actually receive our soul’s desire?

  •  It felt like tiny bubbles of light rising from my belly to my heart.
  • Ripples running up and down my skin.
  • A smile as huge and warm as the sun.

So this is it. My one precious thing. To stand in front of an audience November 15 at Beyond Baroque and share some of my writings. To answer a yearning that has been there for as long as I can remember – To speak the words and have them heard. To feel that exchange of energy, emotion, communion that is artistic expression.

 The mask dropped. Nowhere to hide. Just me. The words. And those who will come to listen.


So the next time you get tangled up in all of life’s challenges and decisions, stop. Get quiet. And ask yourself:

What is my one precious thing?

Remember. Keep it simple. Keep it true.


To your journey.


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