It’s a New Day

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn…. and I’m feeling good.  Why?  So hard to say.  Maybe as much a puzzle as to why I was feeling numb last week.  But here are some possibilities:

I acknowledged the sadness – mine and all the stories this project holds.

I acknowledged the overwhelm and tried to simplify a little bit more.

I got to work – out of my head and into the work.  I edited the script, I listened to the music, I talked to my husband about the set.

IMG_0218I met with two of the actresses, Evie Abat and Tarina Pouncy, and we began to dig in, explore, play.  Oh, the joy of co-creating, discovering, the sweet ‘aha’ when something lands.

I let go of what I had not done and focused on what I was doing.

And maybe with all of that, it is the weather is changing, fall is in the air.  With that comes a renewed energy.  It is harvest time.IMG_0221

Some of those, all of those? – all good, part of the cycle, part of the rhythm.  Tonight is another rehearsal with the other two actresses.  On Sunday, our choreographer Mark Martinez may join us to get a feel for what wildness we are up to.

To the new dawn.

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