At last.  Jumping for joy.

Skipping with glee.

Celebrating with champagne and chocolates!

I hit SEND.

Skins_bookcover1pieceBThe poetry book has been uploaded to Lulu, a proof copy is in the works, an e-book version being created as we speak.  Click here/here to get a copy.

The end of this road is in sight.

Who knows what lies around corner, on the other side of the mist.  But now, at least, at last, I can move forward.

Huge thank you’s to the ones who supported this monumental undertaking:

Deborah Edler Brown – poet and soul sister

Christina Dunbar – coach and soul support extraordinaire

Tamara Bess – producer – holding hands, holding heart that helped me make this dream a reality

Jeannine Chanin Penn – graphic artist and mind reader

Michele Cardella – wise woman and marketing wizardress

Mike Strader – through it all, joy and tears, excitement and fears, kept me grounded and so very, very supported

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