How Are You Capturing Inspiration?

There is nothing more exciting than being in the flow, when you are finally in the moment, instead of outside looking in.  And when that does start, when ideas flow and synchronicity becomes obvious, you want to be ready.  You want to be ready to ride that passion and capture that inspiration.

So, how are you capturing yours?

Capturing the Flow

I’ve had so many people, especially creative ones, tell me they are getting so many downloads, so many ideas, they don’t know what to do with them.  My answer: You don’t have to DO anything yet.  Just capture them, put them where you can find them, so you don’t forget.

Over the years I’ve developed the practice of morning pages – first thing in the morning, before emails, or phone calls, I sit with coffee, pen and paper and write.  Sometimes it is nothing more than processing, or kvetching, or my to-do list.  However, when I’m in the flow, all kinds of other things start coming thru: ideas for projects, blog or video topics, poems, clarity about purpose or next steps….  And I know I’ve struck gold when I feel the chills ripple thru my body.

What they say is true, that the time between sleep and awake is a magical time, when the window between worlds is much more translucent, when the messages we get from spirit are so much clearer.

So I recommend to all, as you begin to contemplate your presentations (or any dream) to start journaling, as it gives you a chance to clear the clutter and make way for the inspiration.  Because once you do…

  • You will get ideas you had not considered.
  • You will see connections you had not made
  • You will gain clarity on purpose and next steps

The world of spirit is so creative it will lead us to places we had not imagined.
You open the door to flow, and things will begin pouring in and you want to be able to remember them.

Because, as you move into your busy day – it is so easy to forget that glorious inspiration you had for a workshop, the beautiful idea for a blog, the gal you met a week ago you resonated with… Don’t let that happen, capture it.

Perhaps you won’t use the insight right away.  Or perhaps you won’t use it at all, but have no doubt, it is of value: the stepping stone to the next idea, the next connection.

Ride the Passion

So words of warning: When you open the door to flow, it will be big, and it will be exhilarating, and it will take you places you had not dreamed of.

So when it comes, make sure you are ready to ride.

To your journey.

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