Creating the Container

tantric-dance-of-the-goddess-photos-126372A few years ago I began the practice of the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power.  I started because I was on a spiritual quest and this blend of the dance as a way to connect with Source seemed like a good fit.  Since that first day I have gone almost every week for three years.  That practice has become part of my life.

Though I don’t always understand the teachings in my head, I can feel them in my body:  I have touched the vastness of the Universe, I have flown, I have felt my body ripple with that recognition that something has fallen into place, a key in a lock.  I also truly believe it is what has helped me prepare for the birthing of this project.

This morning I remembered one of those teachings was about the role of Shiva and Shakti – the masculine and the feminine and how they are intertwined.  As much as the focus the class is on the Divine Feminine, we cannot have health and wholeness without both parts.  The image that our teacher shared was that Shiva was the river bank and Shakti was the flow.  How exquisite.  Shiva was the container so that Shakti could dance in freedom and in safety.

That was what I felt this morning as my tell-tale goose pimples rose.  The energy was shifting.  I was moving into a more masculine energy, moving into manifesting.   I felt this gathering of focus, of energy, as though a metaphorical container was being created.  All of the delay and doubt was dissolving.  Shiva was moving into position so that Shakti could dance.  It was time to begin.

One final thought.  From the beginning of time, theater, dance, music  were performed as an honoring to the gods, a devotion to the divinity.  I feel that now as I bring this piece to life.  It is beyond simply the need to express my creativity.  It is, in essence, my offering, my devotion to Spirit.  No wonder I have always thought creativity was how I touched the divine….

This piece, for modern day Los Angeles theater, will be created in faith, passion, sacredness.  And when I begin to doubt… well I will simply take myself to the ocean and dance.



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  1. Hi Marianne. I stumbled across your blog post because of a FB post I saw on “Skins I Have Worn”. I am glad that you have found The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power and to hear how it has become a part of your life and your creative-spiritual process. The body does know it all! I call it The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power because your link goes to my fellow priestess Nita Rubio’s website so I figure that is the practice you really meant. “The Tantric Dance of the Divine Feminine” is not the same work as what Nita and I carry and teach. TD of the “Divine Feminine” is taught by another woman, a former student of mine who teaches a derivative and calls it that. There is a distinct difference. I wish you well on your upcoming auditions, rehearsals and run for “Skins I Have Worn.” Blessings!


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