Published on April 17, 2024

Without Him

It is strange the things that trigger the grieving. The other day it was a visit to the accountant to prepare my taxes. Every year for over 26 years we had our ritual at tax […]

woman staring out the window.

Published on October 20, 2023

The Witch in My Hips

When I first started taking Salsa classes, I looked around at all those tone young bodies, feeling a bit intimidated. What am I doing dancing with these young men, young enough to be my son? […]

Couple dancing salsa

Want to Stay Connected?

Published on July 03, 2023

Tasting Green

Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to get away for a month, a real sabbatical. To leave Los Angeles with its traffic and noise and a pattern of living so ingrained. At first, there […]

Moments of Mindfulness
creek with green shrubs

Published on June 28, 2023

Beyond Unraveling

It is beyond unraveling. It is a twirly top after the string has been pulled. The tower card in Tarot where it all comes tumbling down.   It is a profound grief and regret at choices […]

bonfire on a dark night

Published on May 09, 2023

Re-Wilding Body

Slowly, she whispers, feel into me slowly. I am a miracle and yet you are ignorant. I am not your accomplishment or your achievement. Know me, slowly.  The miracle of a million functions a day, […]

neck with collarbone that looks like mountains

Published on February 22, 2023

He’s Interested in Me – Part 2

I’d barely posted part one of this story, when there was already more to tell.  It had been a few days since our last communication and I had that ‘butterflies in my tummy feeling,’ wondering when, if, […]


Published on February 17, 2023

He’s Interested in Me.

My wooden steps were on the brink of collapsing, and a construction crew finally showed up last week to replace them. As they were getting set up, all I could think of was how relieved […]

welding a bridge

Published on January 26, 2023


Not sure how to move forward. My right is so comfortable and sure-footed. My left, unsure, confused. Can’t quite remember how to move forward unbound.  I am asking them to align, to move in synchronicity. As partners.  But […]

Red heels on a path

Published on January 22, 2023

We Stutter and Stall

It is coming. The next shift. The next movement in this thing that is my life. It starts to take shape. A figure rising from the mist. It has to do with putting the writing […]

Sign: You're not lost. You're here.

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Shades of Red

An ensemble of amazingly brave, beautiful women sharing life’s experiences, lessons, and evolution. Join us on February 11, Live in Los Angeles. It’s where fierce female voices turn life into art by sharing our stories. […]

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