It is sometimes hard to stand in the sheer power of what we are creating.

This morning I was at the beach thinking of the next steps for Skins I Have Worn​, and what I needed to keep moving forward.  And for some reason it came out in this small, meek voice – almost begging, doubting the value of what I was putting forth.

But suddenly this presence inside of me swelled out telling me in no uncertain terms that I needed to ask for what I wanted.  No doubt, no fear – just ASK, and it would happen.  Maybe not exactly what I imagined, or envisioned, but I had to ask with all the conviction that is the power and worthiness of what I am creating.  And it grew and expanded until I felt my skeleton had to expand to contain her power.  Until I was panting from that power.

And so from this place – I ask:

A larger space to rehearse in,

A stage manager to support me,

A costume designer,

The right person to help me take this project to the next plane.

So into the Universe I cast these seeds – laden with power and potency.  Trusting that they will land in a fertile field.  Trusting that all will be as it should be!


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