And They Danced

Saga of the Choreographer.

I had one. Thought I had one. Was sure I had one. Next week? How about next week? Are you sure next week? Yes. I’m sure. I’ll be there. For sure. I’ll there.

Next week comes… and you got it. No choreographer. He offered to line me up with someone else. But we were now less than a week to opening. No more time. These actresses have formed such a tight bond, to introduce a new person at this point was just not right. And so I said – ‘no thanks.’   Letting it go.

Of course, I could do without. I had these great actresses and the set and the words. I could let it go. But still, it called at me, this element of movement; this form of communication that touches us in ways words cannot. This way of expressing that shares something our lips cannot.

So this morning I turned to my lovelies, and asked: what could we create – just us. With the music as the inspiration and the words as the heartbeat. Where could we ask our bodies to go?

Abstract-Photos-of-Nude-Dancers-by-Shinichi-Maruyama-See-That-Art-02And then the Universe unfolded and the magic shivered.  Before my eyes these four exquisite actresses allowed the music to fill them as they danced, and danced and danced. It was more beautiful, more heartfelt than anything a choreographer could have created. It was of the earth, of the sky, of their souls. My eyes filled, my throat tightened as I watched this magic happen, this dream coming true. I experienced in those few moments such a range of emotion as they embodied the fear, the desire, the yearning, the freedom, the ecstasy.

With music, and words, and dance…. I felt.

Monday we go into the theater.  Thursday we open.  My prayer – let me feel….




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