All or Nothing.

Festival_kalamata_2012_dancersI can see it now.  The actresses gliding across the stage. Images of other worlds illuminating the set.  The music haunting and heartbreaking.  The words splitting the silence as the curtain rises…

Opening Night for “Skins I Have Worn.”  I can touch it, taste it, feel it, hear it.  But I need your help to bring this work to the stage.

The clock is ticking on our Kickstarter.  So if this project speaks to you, please support us with a donation by clicking HERE today.  Any amount is appreciated.

Amazingly, we are 90% funded!  (Thank you backers!)   But it’s an ALL or nothing campaign. We need to get to 100% to claim the funds so generously pledged.

If you are already one of our wonderful backers – Thank You!  Please continue to spread the word on this project so that we can get to our goal.

As the Kickstarter draws to an end, I am beginning to invoke the brave, inspired talent who will come together as performers, choreographer, music consultant, set and lighting design, costume creation.  All the threads weaving together to create this event.

It has been a long time coming and I can feel the delicious joy building as the project continues to solidify.

Can’t wait to see you all opening night.

Thank you.

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