About Me

We are, none of us, just one thing, but rather glimmers and glimpses of so many things.  As I put together this bio I have sifted through my life and plucked out a few of the many influences that have shaped me and my work.

I was brought up in a household of artists. Surrounded by writing, music, dance, poetry, painting. I was tossed into the theater at the age of 8 when they enrolled me at San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater.

Over the years, I performed on stage and screen, began directing plays, and ultimately started writing my own.

In a surprising detour, I discovered a passion for nature and went back to school to become a landscape architect. It was a completely different form of creative expression, and yet similar, as I brought my visions to life in a new way.

Throughout my new career, I still found myself writing stories, essays, poetry. By day, digging in the soil; by night, writing tales of rocks, trees, and waters wild. 

Along the way, I raised a beautiful daughter and shared a wonderful life with my husband.

In May of 2017, he went into the hospital for a simple surgery and never came home. To say I was shipwrecked would be an understatement. Three years later, my mother also passed away. 

So much grief, so much letting go, so much healing to be done. Writing was the way I navigated those painful years.

I find myself today on the cusp of yet another new beginning. 

At my age, I am on the downhill side of the curve, with fewer years in front of me than I have lived (though we never know our tomorrows). Yet that doesn’t frighten me. 

Rather, I am embracing this next phase of my life with joy and anticipation. Stepping into my future with the sense that a great adventure still awaits.

Honoring the journey of all that I am still becoming.

Thank you for joining me.

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